CHI Software

CHI Software stands at the forefront of bespoke software development, boasting over 17 years of innovation and excellence. Specialising in AI-driven solutions, IoT, and cloud services, CHI Software pioneers transformative technologies that propel businesses forward. Founded on a commitment to precision and performance, CHI Software collaborates closely with global enterprises to craft tailored software solutions. Their agile approach and deep industry insights empower clients across diverse sectors, from healthcare to fintech, to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage. CHI Software distinguishes itself with its AI R&D Centre in Krakow, home to 80 AI professionals, including 14 PhDs. This powerhouse of expertise fuels their capability to integrate advanced AI algorithms seamlessly into their solutions, enhancing predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities. Actively developing cutting-edge Gen AI solutions, CHI Software drives innovation to meet evolving client needs. Their cloud expertise ensures seamless integration and secure data management, reinforcing their reputation as a trusted partner in digital transformation. Driven by a passion for innovation and a proven track record of success, CHI Software continues to redefine possibilities in software development, enabling clients to thrive in the digital age.

CX Strategy

CX Strategy are a digital customer experience and marketing transformation strategy, consulting, and advisory company. We leverage customer journey mapping, technology, data & AI to incubate new business capabilities, transform customer experiences, drive transformation, and unlock commercial value. We develop CX value creation strategies & roadmaps, deliver CX /Martech transformation advisory & consulting, and provide fractional and interim CXO/CMO/CDO resources.

Cissbury Associates

Cissbury Associates is a full service technology recruitment agency. We work with start-up and established technology companies to provide predominantly customer facing talent; Sales, Pre-Sales, Marketing and Consultants. The main technology areas we cover include: Digital, Mobile, SaaS, PaaS, IoT, Analytics, Big Data, IAM/IDM, Security. We are a true Associate Business, cultivating strong, lasting and trusted relationships within our industry networks and with other specialist talent acquisition experts. This ensures the greatest market coverage and that there will always be a specialist expert engaged for every one of our client’s critical hires. We combine traditional methodologies, latest technology platforms, outstanding relationships and networks to ensure an efficient and successful hiring process for you.


Welcome to CloudXpert - Your Trusted Cloud Partner CloudXpert is a game-changing platform that bridges the gap between Cyber security cloud providers (CsaaS) and the GCC markets by being a CSaaS aggregator and distributor that provides a gateway for worldwide SaaS vendors to enter GCC markets through authorized sovereign clouds. We also connect global vendors with local integrators for seamless incorporation and transfer of SaaS solutions for enterprise clients.


Demeter helps business leaders to power productivity through process. Know what to improve, how, and when: our tried-and-tested AI-friendly Work OS platform makes continuous improvement easier by standardising enterprise-wide visibility, all in one place. We make process flow, so your business grows.


The Designerie takes a holistic approach in that we prefer to nurture fewer, like-minded brands to their full potential - as strategic business partners who continue to grow with our clients. We offer a unique blend of strategy, creative, media and technology which culminates in crafted, targeted messaging and campaigns that give our brands a unique voice and true differentiation. The Designerie is an independent South African agency made up of multi-disciplined specialists who work together to provide a full service to our clients. We are well-versed in the latest market trends and insights, always applying learnings from technology to the work we do. Our services include strategic research and ideation, and extend through to concept development and the execution of 360-degree marketing campaigns.

Digital Assets Capital

As a leading financial service provider, DAC-Payments offers an unrivalled range of FX solutions, along with a dedicated team of regulated professionals for international money transfers. We provide a secure and regulated platform that empowers our clients to seamlessly send and receive funds across borders. Our services encompass a wide range of international transactions, including remittances, currency exchange, and global payments. At DAC-Payments, we’re committed to simplifying financial operations for both individuals and businesses, making international money transfers efficient and hassle-free. Our offerings extend to over 150 countries, 75 different currencies and various financial instruments, ensuring that you can confidently manage your global financial needs. Supporting our clients and building long lasting partnerships has always been at the forefront of how we do business.

Druid AI

DRUID ( is an end-to-end platform for building, deploying, and scaling AI-driven Conversational Business Applications, designed to deliver next-level employee productivity and the total customer experience in the most intuitive way. DRUID intelligent virtual assistants enable fast, personalized, omnichannel, and hyper-automated interactions while speaking each organization's language via open integrations with any existing enterprise systems and RPA technologies.


The end-to-end revenue solution to help grow technology companies. EIMS was founded in 1996 - a time when marketing in the ICT industry was being centralised to save cost, but still required a local touch to be effective. EIMS was formed by a team of sales and marketing professionals working for major enterprises in the IT industry who saw a need for a high-quality, multilingual marketing and business development agency specialising in the high-tech marketplace. We exist to help technology vendors grow their sales revenues globally by delivering world-class demand generation, sales and channel programs.

FE Advisory

FE Advisory offer advisory services to organisations looking to drive productivity and efficiencies within their business by embracing new technologies. We trawl the market for innovations so you don't have to!


Focus 7 is a ground-breaking growth agency with a unique approach to helping businesses thrive. Unlike traditional marketing, design, or digital agencies, Focus 7 specialises in driving growth for businesses. They don't just create strategies and designs; they ignite brands and lead the way in activation, automation, and delivery. What sets Focus 7 apart is their unwavering commitment to partnership. They don't just offer recommendations and leave you to it; they embed themselves in your organisation to ensure successful implementation. Their approach involves candid conversations, lively debates, and a hands-on approach to driving meaningful change and growth. Through a series of workshops, planning sessions, and seminars, Focus 7 helps businesses define their growth strategy and align their teams with ambitious objectives. They become your trusted partner in navigating the path to success, ensuring that strategies are not only created but also effectively implemented. In summary, Focus 7 is not your typical agency; they are a growth-focused partner that helps businesses create alignment, ignite their brands, and accelerate their journey towards achieving their growth ambitions.


Ever notice how your salespeople are always hustling, yet not actually selling as much as they should? GrnEdge’s Revenue Enablement Platform helps sales organizations be 4x more efficient by eliminating busy work. It's like giving your team a superpower, enabling them to zero in on closing high-value deals instead of getting bogged down by the mundane. No more chaotic workflows or administrative headaches, just streamlined processes, and a surge in productivity. We are here to help your team harness the full potential of every opportunity. Learn more at


Kegai is a boutique AI governance practice based in the City of London, specializing in helping corporations comply with the EU AI Act. Founded by Simon Small, a pioneer who introduced GovernanceTech to FTSE 100 boards with Diligent and co-founded the Enterprise Generative AI unicorn Arria, recognized by Gartner as a world leader, Kegai is at the forefront of AI governance. Additionally, Kegai hosts London's leading Enterprise Generative AI meetups and events, fostering a vibrant community of innovation and collaboration.


Peakok specialise in driving growth, engaging audiences, and enhancing your digital armoury. Their approach is grounded in tailored strategy for refining your presence and product through front-of-industry technology and techniques. Working with Peakok means forging a partnership based on commitment, transparency, and a shared vision for long-term success.


QipWorks is a full-service IP strategic advisory firm that partners with technology companies, innovators, and investors to build, manage and utilize IP portfolios. The company helps senior management teams align their IP strategy with business strategy so that each patent has a clear, well understood purpose. QipWorks provides extensive expertise in standards-centric patent portfolio development and an intimate understanding of the rigor required at all stages of the innovation and patent lifecycle. We additionally are a trusted partner in major patent litigations involving some of the world’s largest technology companies. As we develop deep institutional knowledge of our clients’ products and services, we significantly lighten the IP burden on our clients, enabling them to focus on other aspects of the business while having confidence that IP strategy, development and management and the costs and risks associated with these are being expertly managed by QipWorks as a strategic partner. QipWorks Partners, Johanna Dwyer, and Paul Carpenter have been recognized in each of the last six years in the IAM Strategy 300 as two of the world’s leading IP strategists.


Rhubian is the B2B partnerships authority for technology companies. Utilising our 30+ years experience in designing and implementing highly effective partner strategies we enable companies to rapidly realise revenue streams via partnerships and create long term relationships. We work primarily with start-ups and scale-outs and develop a partner ecosystem strategy that can encompass resell, sell-with and referral revenue streams. We have strong relationships with the major European GSI’s and offer a “fast Track” service into these key partners.


We believe that people buy from people, so much so, we made it our mantra. We offer permanent or contract (flexible project resource) skills for any technology requirement you might have. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to silo down into a number of specialist areas. These include legacy capabilities from over 20 years of experience in technology, such as ERP, ESM and security. In addition, we can fulfil the requirements of the latest and most exciting technologies that the fast paced world of IT has to offer. AI, robotics, blockchain, machine learning and cyber security are all developing rapidly, and so are the skills that are required. We are a relationship people led business that is passionate about working with businesses that want to work with us, and between us we keep business simple and easy. This way more gets done quicker and with less stress for everyone. Business is full of people that want to make doing business difficult and painful, we aim to be quite the opposite. We are well aware of the short-falls and reputation of much of the recruitment industry, and we use all these experiences to differentiate us in our own industry.


Mobile Digital Experience Monitoring. Silently Samoby monitors mobile devices, detects performance or network issues, and help you know and enhance your employees’ experience and habits, by combining its technology on the device itself and in the cloud. Every day employees rely more and more on their professional mobile devices to perform their job, and are expecting the same level of availability and smoothness they are already experiencing with their personal apps. The combination of observability, high level or troubleshooting reporting, and the hability to engage with employees, setup compliance rules, together with real-time analysis and granular rules in the cloud, allow us to serve any combination of corporate devices and BYOD. For any mobile OS, Android, iOS or ChromeOS with or without UEM/EMM.

Split / Lip

Copywriting and Communication Strategy for Growing Businesses Working in partnership to land your message, right on the money In a rapidly moving online world, it's more important than ever for businesses to have a comprehensive communication strategy. With so many new technologies and regulations emerging, it can be overwhelming to keep up, especially for startups and fast growing new enterprises. That's where we come in. At Split / Lip, we specialise in helping developing companies navigate the complex world of rights ownership, acquisition, and regulation. We are also copywriting experts who can help you instigate a comms strategy that lands the message for your growing business with laser precision. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement a winning strategy.


SyncDog is the only provider to guarantee data security, without needing intrusive MDM tools, across every device in an organization, including both company owned (COPE) or personally owned (BYOD) devices. Our unique Trusted Mobile Workspace (TMW) solution is a next-generation endpoint security technology that goes far beyond the current limitations of MDM. Our containerization software provides military grade encryption to protect sensitive data on mobile devices, laptops, and desktops without the need for any intrusive profiles or agents to be installed, making the TMW the easiest security solution to install, and administer available. SyncDog easily integrates into existing endpoint management solutions and can be deployed from the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid deployment.

Syon Associates

Syon Associates We work with you to address your critical priorities. We are an independent firm of Chartered Accountants with over 90 years combined experience. We specialise in Accounting, Consulting and Taxation services. Syon Associates is led by directors with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. This includes completing a training contract with a Big 4 accounting practice, managing a tier 1 investment banking portfolio, and navigating the intricacies of financial services We uphold the highest standards of integrity, ensuring transparency in every interaction. Our pursuit of excellence drives us to deliver accurate, timely, and tailored financial solutions. Embracing innovation, we stay ahead of industry trends, providing our clients with strategies that stand the test of time.

TRM International

TRM International is part of the Data Value Group, based in Amsterdam, and supports the group both internally and externally with our HR Talent Services. Founded by two successful female recruitment leaders, who both also have a family and actively support diversity & inclusion and promote "Women in Leadership" and "Women in Tech". We understand the challenges of juggling family life with a career and have created a flexible and supportive environment that enables motivated individuals to continue their careers throughout the ups and downs of family life. Because of this approach to our own workforce, our customers are able to work with highly experienced industry-leading HR and Recruitment Professionals and the difference in quality of service is immediately noticeable.


Tango automates the contract and payment workflow for fractional executives and small to medium-sized professional services firms, revolutionizing how these businesses operate. By consolidating the scope, contract, and payment onto a single interactive page, Tango significantly reduces the time spent on disputes and payment follow-ups. This efficiency gives customers back 40% of their time per year, allowing them to focus on what truly matters—growing their business. In the world of e-commerce, platforms like Shopify have set the standard for streamlined operations; however, professional services businesses have long lacked a comparable solution. Tango fills this gap by offering a seamless and professional checkout experience that is also compliant with regulations (e.g., IR35). For clients, this means they can bookmark a single link where they can find the scope, contract, payment, invoice, change requests, and a log of all micro-decisions made. A single link that keeps everyone on the same page, enhancing the profitability and scalability of your professional services business. With Tango, you can manage contracts and payments effortlessly, ensuring that your operations are both efficient and compliant. Make the switch to Tango and experience a new level of productivity and professionalism in your business.

Team Revenue

TeamRevenue is a premier provider of Revenue Enablement services, dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) enhance their sales performance and achieve significant growth. Our global team offers expert guidance and tailored strategies to drive measurable success. We focus on optimizing revenue operations, fractional sales leadership, and enablement services to empower SMBs to reach their revenue goals and gain market share. With a commitment to excellence and a proven track record, TeamRevenue is an ideal partner in building high-performing sales organizations.

Xeed ESG

Xeed ESG is an environmental and social sustainability consultancy that ensures ESG adds value to a business. In house, we specialise in supporting mid corporate clients and SMEs that understand they need to change their behaviour to succeed in what will be a very different future. To accommodate specific sustainability projects for our corporate clients we partner with some of the UK’s leading experts and act as a project manager. We help organisations become low carbon and nature positive ventures and this can cover anything as wide ranging as decarbonisation, biodiversity, circular economy, waste reduction and preparing for B Corp status amongst others. Our USP is that we show our clients how to integrate their new-found behaviour into brand messaging and sales propositions so they can derive tangible commercial value from this.